Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update your bookmarks/feeds -- to Blogger

In case you have not noticed, things have changed a bit around here.

When it comes to things that can kill me, make me money and/or affect my reputation in one way or another, I'm a firm believer in "If you want the job done right, do it yourself." Those who know me know that there are very, very few individuals I trust with my online presence and fortunately I have never had to call upon them to lend a hand.

How does this relate to Blogger, you ask? Well, for years I had not trusted any third party to host my blog and host it right, however just recently I took at new look at Blogger and they definitely appear to run a tight ship. Whether its the Google strings or not, I have nearly zero problems with their operations.

Most everything has been migrated permanently with the exception of a few random posts from many years ago, however those will come in time. I have a great pile of mod_rewrite foo going on right now to move people, crawlers and the like over to the new site, however it does not appear that RSS readers are going to play along. They'll happily follow the redirect, but the source for the feed remains the same.

So... update your bookmarks, else come this time next week the old blog will be gone and the redirects will be replaced with feeds to something much less pleasant. I'll happily take suggestions of convincing items to put in the old RSS feed to coerce people into moving over.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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