Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy 0x7d7

So, rumor has it that it is now the year twenty o-seven. Personally, I'm still not even sure Christmast happened, because I know that I spent all of yesterday in just shorts and the heat wasn't on, and on what was supposedly the last day of 2006, I rode my bike outside and sweat my ass off. On the East Coast, that just doesn't happen.

A funny thing happened at work today. I was filling out paperwork for vacation and mistakenly put today as 1/2/2006, and all of my other dates were also off by one year. This sort of thing happens to just about everyone at least once this time of year. In thinking about why it happens, I realized that a large part of this is due to the fact in today's society, you rarely actually write the date down. At least 75% of the time its just automatically entered for you -- email, calendars, etc. Plus, when you actually need to know what today's date is, how often do you actually think it out instead of asking someone/something for the answer. In the computer world, the date is automatically printed in my zsh prompt, and if I need to know a specific date, cal tells me the rest. In the real world, say at the grocery store, you always ask the cashier what the date is.

Anyway, here's hoping 2007 is as eventfully uneventful as 2006.

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