Monday, January 15, 2007

Dropped mail?

I figured I'd throw this out there hoping that some of the 3.4 people that read this blog may have some insight.

I've owned the domain since 2001. While I can't guarantee it, I have every reason to believe that the machine(s) used to host it have never been involved in any sort of mass-mailing, virus spewing, or other things that tend to cause mail to get dropped.

Over the past, oh... 6 months, I've seen a number of instances where mail coming from has been dropped for one reason or another. In some cases, my email was in reply to one that someone else sent. When they never got my response, they asked why, but I've got logs saying that the email was successfully delivered. In some cases ( and being good examples), mail would get delivered successfully but dropped in a spam folder, which in the end means it'll go unread and eventually be deleted. In other cases, I'd initiate or respond to an email and never get a response but I know the person on the other end would've responded had they received my email.

Like anyone thats ever posted to a public mailing list, my email address(es) and domain have been used plenty of times as part of forged spam or other nastiness. Thats a risk I accept, as really its just life on the Internet. But I can't help but wonder why my mail gets treated like garbage and all too often dropped.

I know at one point and were making heavy use of SPF, so I recently configured an SPF record for

$  host -t txt          TXT "v=spf1 a mx  ptr -all"

If anyone has any suggestions for things I could do (or not do...) to prevent my mail from getting dropped or otherwise demoted, please leave a comment here. Feel free to poke around, too. Examine my DNS setup and my postfix configuration. I believe it all to be sane, but I could be wrong and would love to have that proven.

Thanks in advance!

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